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Canary, designer, the template girl and #teacherlusia in my spare time.

I have always had concerns about design and the creative part of life. As a child I was always coming up with new inventions, and I was known among the other kids as the paint, cut, recut, paste and staple one. I studied technology sciences and technical drawing in Tenerife until at age 16 I realized that my dreams aspired to something bigger that my beautiful island couldn’t give me anymore, and decided to continue studying abroad. In 2015 I got a scholarship in the United Kingdom, where I studied arts Sixth Form: graphic design, textile design and arts and crafts; at Shaftesbury School. I took additional subjects and covered enough credits in my first year that allowed me to start university a year earlier, and I studied Fashion Design Foundation at Istituto Marangoni in London. In 2017 I was accepted at London College of Fashion, where I am currently studying second year of Footwear Design.

Outside the school environment there is a long journey too. At age 12, I edited my first video with iMovie on my father’s computer. I liked it, I dedicated myself to recording and creating videos of everything; birthdays, trips, events, recipes … and I even started a shortcourse at a film school in Tenerife. I dropped it because I has always been self-taught and I thought that what I was learning every other afternoon from 6 to 9 could also be learnt by investigating on my own as well, and so it was; I am practical, if I do not know how to do something, I learn. In 2014, at age 15, I opened my blog -as I’ve always liked to call it- a bit of everything, in which I spoke, literally, of everything. I have never liked the fact that women were only seen as fashion, because I have always been much more than that, and I have ever since defended it here. My blog got me opportunities, collaborations and some other publication in magazines I was very excited about. Also, when I moved to the UK and started learning about graphic design, I started drawing my own digital illustrations. I had brought my mother’s iPad with me so I could have a ready every now and then, and I ended up drawing all day, improving little by little.

When I arrived to London lots of things happened. On one hand, I put myself completely into the fashion world. I realized that I love the atmosphere you can breathe in a show’s Backstage, that I don’t like designing clothes but rather shoes, and that the best part of a catwalk isn’t to attend it but to take pictures of the people who attend it with you. An evening during London fashion week, my feet were insanely hurting from standing up waiting outside the venue for it to start, so I left. I took the tube home, changed into something comfortable, took my camera with me and went back to The Strand to take some pictures of the Street Style. The result was a few hundred photos, many emails and my photos published on Harper’s Bazaar KZ.

Then the templates followed. On March 2018, I was having one of those boring afternoons at home, so I spent some time designing. I used to make questions to my 5,000 followers on Instagram every week, in the style of yes-no, I love it-I hate it, yes please-are you kidding. I thought it would be easier if I could make all those same questions into one page where they could choose between several ones and then be able to share, so I could learn a bit more about their tastes. I’m curious, I find it fascinating that us people can all be so different yet at the same time get along so well, and I’m always making questions, it’s part of me. I never thought they would become viral and shared more than 20 million times in just a few days, fact that still shocks me today. From then onwards, I’m the template girl. the 50.000 followers we are now have made me #teacherlusia when I teach them how to use photo editing apps or what canary words mean, #cheflusi when I share my recipes, #lusiaescribe when I share my feelings into words… and lots more things. I believe us people can become and achieve whatever we propose ourselves therefore the limits are marked by ourselves too, and that’s why I never stop trying new things; I never really know where I’ll be in a year… and I love that. I’m also a drone pilot registered in AESA, with my title, my license, my insurance and my drone, Paco. I always say that whenever somebody reads my CV and sees I’m a footwear designer and a drone pilot she or he will probably think they’re the most random things in the world, hahaha. That’s just it!

There are many cities to come, templates and paths to follow, and I’m sure lots of new things to try, too. LucesLusía, and idea that I came up in my house’s garage, in my mum’s car, with her telling me “then do it, Lucía”… I find incredible how now, it’s not only an idea but also a community, a seal, a Registered Trademark and a store that’s on its way too! It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve created yet… thank you for making it possible.