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Canary, designer, pilot, the template girl… and a couple more things.

I’ve always had concerns about design and the creative part of life. I studied technology sciences and technical drawing in Tenerife until at the age of 16 I realized that my dreams aspired to something bigger my island couldn’t give me, and decided to continue studying abroad.. I was awarded with a scholarship in the United Kingdom, where I studied Sixth Form in 2015: graphic design, textile design and art and crafts; at Shaftesbury School. In 2016 I studied Fashion Design Foundation at Istituto Marangoni London. Then in 2017 I was accepted in London College of Fashion, where I will graduate this 2020 as a footwear designer.

Outside the educational environment there is a long journey too. At age 12, I edited my first video and started a shortcourse at a film school in Tenerife. However, I withdrew from it and started learning in a self-taught way; I’m practical, if I don’t know how to do something, I find out a way and learn it. In 2014, at age 15, I opened my blog – as I’ve always liked to call it – a bit of everything, in which I literally talked about everything. This got me opportunities, collaborations and publications in magazines internationally. On the other side of the camera, my StreetStyle shots have also been published in international magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar KZ.

Then the templates followed. On March 2018, I designed and published some graphic design templates that went viral, having been shared more than 20 million times in just a couple of days. From then onwards, I have been known as the template girl, in addition, registered with copyright. Since many brands started copying and plagiarizing my designs, I decided to register them formally in the trademark register, and I currently have the legal rights over them.

Thanks to this visibility, my number of followers on Instagram increased by more than 70,000 and in a few days I became part of the “influencer” world, where I continued until April 2019. It was then when I decided to deactivate my account so I could focus on other personal and professional projects.

I believe us people can become and achieve whatever we propose ourselves, therefore the limits are marked by ourselves too, and that’s why I never stop trying new things; I never really know where I’ll be in a year… and I love that. I’m also a drone pilot registered in AESA, with my title, my license, my insurance and my drone, Paco. And since 2019, I work on digital marketing for companies and brands. With my experience and background in design, photography and social media, I help them build their online image and improve their presence on social media. I give them ideas on how to generate quality content and connect with their audience so they don’t only learn to grow digitally, but don’t stop doing it either. In addition to this, I am also still working on professional projects that will be released soon.

There are many cities to come, templates and paths to follow, and I’m sure lots of new things to try, too. LucesLusía, and idea I came up with in my house’s garage, in my mum’s car, with her telling me “then do it, Lucía”… It’s incredible how now, it’s not only an idea but also a community, a seal, a service, a Registered Trademark… It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve created yet… thank you for making it possible.