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Hi hi! I’m staying in New York for a few days and I’m a disaster so I haven’t posted up anything here yet hahaha We’re doing tourism (shopping the most) everyday and yesterday was time for the twin towers. I can only say it shocked me, I have never had too much references about this and I knew ver little about the 9/11 assault, but from now on I think a bit more conscious of the amazing catastrophe it was.


Next to the World Trade Center museum stands the Memorial monument. It is composed by two ponds where the World Trade Center used to stand, each of them standing to symbolize the loss of life and the physic emptiness caused by terrorist attacks; this is surrounded with the names of all the 2977 victims that lost their lives on the 9/11. Also, in the same zone stands a tree which was found under the Twin Towers’ debris and that still stands alive today, as an important hope symbol.


Inside the museum are pieces that have been found, parts of the structure still standing… And lots of items victims carried with them. Testimonials, clothing, shoes, watches… There’s a room with photos of all the victims and family testimonials, I really shocked inside.

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I think the most shocking part for me were the testimonials written and said by victims and family. There was a woman which said the day before the 9/11 her husband had fallen asleep next to here little daughter, and it was the last time she had seen him. A fireman told in a video that “you’re not always the savior, sometimes you have to be saved” and that’s what he really needed that day.


I see water. I see buildings. We are very, very low. I don’t know, I think we’re getting hijacked.

flight attendants on board flight 11


There were people who jumped from the towers. More of 200 women and man were victims of desperation and jumped. I think I can’t really understand how desperate you have to be to be able to say “I don’t want to suffer, I’m going to jump”. I mean how desperate can you be? If you’re jumping then you’re sure it’s better than staying inside so I don’t want to imagine how bad things must have been in there to think that jumping is the best thing you can do. I don’t want to imagine what 9/11 was for the victims.


If you come to New York, then you must visit the 9/11 memorial. Of course there are prettier, funnier and more entertaining to do in New York but you have to see this because 9/11 is part of all of us.

You can see how everything happened on this video (click!) See you on next post!

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