50 dresses under €100

50 dresses under €100

Hey cuties! It’s been a while since I last wrote around here… and you were really asking for a post on dresses for special occasions, so let’s go for it! I have put together a few dresses I love and for all types of bodies, likes and budgets, and I’ve made sure most of the sizes are available! So hope you like 🙂


Dresses in warm colours

Most of the ideas that I have shown so far on my Instagram (@luceslusia) are red dresses, to say the least… but you already know that I am a number one fan of wearing red lips 24/7, and if you dress in red, you never fail. Yellow is also a color that looks very good if you have had time to catch a little bit of sun during Easter… so I’m leaving here the ones I like the most!

Black dresses

Black is a colour that stylizes a lot and that suits everyone, either completely in black or with colourful accessories… and red lips!


Blue and green dresses

Blue is my favorite color and I always buy clothes in it (except for this week where I’ve kind of only bought red dresses haha), and I was thrilled that many of you asked me for looks in this color! In the upcoming weeks I’ll post more outfits in blue, for now I’ll leave these that I have seen so far and found amazing!

Shiny dresses
I’m addicted to glitter, sequins and anything that shines, and I love wearing it for special occasions. It shouldn’t be only for New Year’s, so if you like them… go for it, I absolutely do!

Dresses in pastel colours
You’ve also asked for these quite a lot! They’re sweet, lovely and are great for any kind of family event… they’re beautiful. Plus, you can combine them with black accessories and the outfit won’t look too overdressed at all 🙂
Printed dresses

And last but not least! I like printed dresses cause you can wear them and be almost 100% sure nobody else will wear it too. Let’s go for the sure options 😉

And that’s it! I hope you like the dresses, and if you buy any of these and wear them… tag me! I’d really really love to see the pictures!  😍 Lots of kisses and I’ll see you on next post, I love u❤!




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