5 spring trends you need in your closet now

5 spring trends you need in your closet now

Trends, trends… It’s been a long time since I don’t sit down and share with you a bit of these posts I loved so much before. So I’ve spent some time preparing posts and getting everything ready, and the next couple weeks will be exciting, just to let you know…

Today I’m going to talk about this season’s trends that cannot miss in any wardrobe! You know I’m not a fancy girl and whatever I wear, too whatever, to whatever extent it is, is always wearable. Always fashionable. So don’t be scared, I’m showing trends with a bit of common sense and veeeery fashion. Shall we start?

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There are lots of other trends that will show up this season apart from the ones I’m mentioning today, but just to not make this an endless list and not end up with a style bible, I’ve only selected the 5 I’ve liked the most and that have caught my attention the most too. And well, there’s a bit of everything, but you know that’s what I most like 🤗.

First of all, ruffles. I must confess I’ve already added like 50 thousand ruffled pieces to my wardrobe, but we must know first that I’ve always, always, always loved them. Like a lot. You’ll mostly see them on shoulders, kind of like a  gorger lizard but around your arm. And well, as always, on skirts, trousers, dresses, shirts, sleeves, jackets… anywhere, anyway, ruffles are something I’ve always loved and something for which I will be forever thankful to 2017.


On the second place we have fishnet tights! Those who weren’t that posh a few years ago, which where seen as gothic a few years before that, and which are super fashion now, yes. Rock tights of all times, basically.

I have to say I wasn’t really into this trend and I didn’t even know they were a trend until I saw Blanca wearing them and I thought “what the hell is she wearing”, but I see people wearing them everyday in London and rather than disliking it, I find them quite interesting. Particularly cause we’re not talking about wearing them under a dress or shorts, but precisely under your trousers, your broken ones, or just like socks… Isn’t that cool? But please, please girls, keep them black! I went out the other day and saw a girl wearing nude tights and I just pray for it not to turn into a trend next year… please!


bralette Black Limba (by the way, they’re beautiful, I might write a whole post about them some day, haha) and I love it, however how the trend is coming now, is quite… sweet & sour, you know?

I learned from the book How to be Parisian wherever you are, that something we all women should do, is to wear white shirts with black bras underneath. Suggesting. You might think it’s quite weird hearing it now, yes, I know, but we’re not talking about a Decathlon sports shirt and a Primark bra, but rather about a satin white shirt and a lace bra form Intimissimi, for example. The result is incredible (with red lips, obviously).

So, getting back to the barrette topic; a shirt that’s a bit big for you, with a lovely beautiful bralette underneath… It’s a match made in heaven. But always underneath! This “trend” I’m seeing now where you just wear your bra on top of your clothes like a corse is just unnecessary, so please don’t. Wear bralette girls, but in the way they’re meant to be worn!


Another trend from far away (I’ll explain another day why), are flared sleeves. It’s a 19th century thing too, but in a good way. It doers have its pros and cons, though. You can wear ruffles on short sleeves, but flared sleeves… they need a sleeve. I mean, those of you who live on cold places must find them perfect, but when you life in the Canary Islands, for example… it’s quite complicated to wear them during summer… this is a good thing, I guess, though! haha

The thing I like the most about these pieces is that as it has so much going on on the sleeves, I feel like the body is always quite simple and it needs something else. That’s when you start wearing them with jumpsuits, dungarees, necklaces… just to give it that little something, so they’re really versatile.


And, last of all, the four prints, statement prints, and I love them all! We haver the most graphic ones, as in checked print or just stripes…. and then we have the classic ones, polka dots and flowers. The best thing about printed garments is that no matter how many times you think it’s not versatile at all, or the “I already wore it”, which is probably true, yes. But they’re gonna save you more than once. Cause you might have worn it a thousand times, but that print is still gonna be special. It gives it glamour. And you’re not gonna spend a single coin in accessories cause the piece itself takes all the protagonism, the rest are only basics!


And well, till here today’s post, I hope you’ve liked it a loot and that you haven’t freaked out with these new trends! hahaha If I had written here what you’re gonna find in Zara tomorrow… you wouldn’t come out of your homes! Fashion is sometimes too fashion and it kind of drives us crazy… hahahah

Lots and lots of kisses and see you on next post, I love u.

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