300 dresses for less than £50

Best thing: all of these dresses are chapear than £50. Have I helped you made up your mind yet?

It was necessary! There have been a few of you who have asked me during the past weeks for ideas on what to wear for Prom, where to buy it, different shops… I know that fear of wearing the same Zara dress as someone else is REAL, and there’s nothing as bad as that… Unless it looks better on you, in which case it is amazing; but it’s always preferable not having to find yourself in that situation, right?

So I’ve decided to make a “bibliography” of lots of dresses in different colours, lengths, prints, openings… a bit of everything, basically, so you can find at least 20 dresses you love, so go for it! Plus, as all of these are bought online, (you’re still on time!), the probabilities of actually having the same dress as someone else are of about one in 20 million (approx) hahaha 😉

Annnnnd on top of the top, check this, all of the dresses cost less than £50! You’re super convinced now 😉

Let’s go!


Backless dresses

I think it’s the best dress there can be. It’s been a long time since I decided I’m a backless girl, and from that moment, it’s all I look for whenever I have an event. The back itself already takes most of the attention, so you can wear it with very simple accessories and make it look amazing with a smoky eye makeup, one of those to love! Talking about the hair, I usually wear it just like every day, but to be honest, anything that’s tied up would make it look incredible!


Short dresses

I’m not gonna have a graduation and I never had prom (I’ll tell you all about this someday), but if I ever did, it would be wearing a long dress. However, I know there are lots of girls who don’t think the way I do and are more like short-dress-girls; probably because they don’t have these war scars I have all around my legs hahaha but in case you like short dresses, here you have some ideas. If you break the outfit with a pair of  Aquazzura style heels, you’ll look incredible.


In cold tones

I personally prefer warmer colours rather than cold ones, but for some reason I don’t quite understand, I keep wearing blue clothes, which is an 100% colour. Why? I don’t really know. For a graduation in Summer I’d wear a dress in a warmer tone, like red, orange… but it’s all about your decision and the ones you like the most! Here you have the cold ones for those of you who are always cold haha💓.


In warm tones

These dresses make me want Summer back soooo hard… I love this colour palette! Wear it with black accessories, or even mixing some of them together and you will look superb. Orange and pink look good together, although people keep saying they don’t! Oh, and if you’re tanned… you definitely have to wear a yellow dress, please!


With an open front

I’d rather have an open back than an open front, but there are some open fronts… which are just amazing. And if you’re going to wear one of these, add a necklace and you will look stunning 😀


Red dresses

… and red lips. Wear it with black heels, printed heels or coloured ones. A thin eyeliner and you’re ready! 🙂


Printed dresses

I like these because contrary to what other people thing, they can save you more than once and in many events. Even if it’s from a few seasons old, that’s even better! You can wear it again, and again, and again, and you will always look beautiful. Plus, no investment in accessories cause you won’t need them 😉


White dresses

Where I studied before coming to the UK, girls graduate wearing white dresses, almost like brides. I would’ve loved to wear my dress, but this isn’t going to happen haha (I might tell you about it someday), though I would’ve probably preferred a coloured one! If you’re tanned, apart from the yellow dress, this could be a colour you should at least consider. Wear it with colourful accessories and heels, and red lips!!


The dresses I would wear

And here’s my personal selection. If you’0ve been following me for a while, and it turns out we wear really similar clothes and you hace a similar style to mine, the you’re gonna love these. I love warm colours, frills, off-the-shoulder and backless dresses… I’ve mixed all the things I love and here you have my favorites 🙂

And that’s it! End of the post. Hope I’ve helped you and if you ever have any questions or queries, just drop me a message, I’m always here for you! Enjoy your weekend and see you on next post 😉 I love u❤️.

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