My 3-Day guide to Paris

It was my birthday two weeks ago and there was nothing I wanted more (apart from a drone) than traveling to Paris. The one and only time I had been there before was when I was in year 4 and all I could remember from it was a 1 hour queue for a 1 minute Cars attraction and then seeing a Ratatouille poster. Yes, Ratatouille had just been released… So I saved up some money and Blanca and I went there to spend the weekend. Trust me, we could’ve spent a month planning this trip and it would’ve never turned out as perfect as it did planning it the day we got there. And as Blanca is so proud of how she moved around Paris with a map and I got to see everything I wanted… we’ve put it all together so you can get inspired too – plus the video on my youtube channel which you can watch here. Ready?

We took the 20:01 train on Friday and when we got there (about 23:30, as it’s an hour later), we went directly to the hotel, bought some pain au chocolat and baguettes on our way there and slept. We stayed at the Best Western Hotel Le 18 next to Montmartre -all we did there was sleep- and it was perfect for our stay, next to the Port de Clignancourt underground station.  I’m not really going to count this as a day there so I’ll start from Saturday.


08:00 – Wake up, get ready and head off to the street. We had a quick snack (pain au chocolat) on our way.

09:00 – Arrived at the Louvre Museum. You can’t come to Paris without visiting the Louvre, however, you’re not going to be able to see it all on the same day, so check what you really want to see before your visit so it doesn’t take you too long. The Mona Lisa is definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Tip: everyone who lives in the European Economic Area and is between 18 and 25 years old gets in free to most of the museums in France 😉

11:00 – Ours was a quick visit so we then headed down the Jardin des Tuileries. It’s a straight route like London’s Trafalgar Square / St James’ Park / Buckingham Palace, and what you see in Paris is Jardin des Tuileries / Place de la Concorde / Champs Élysées / Petit Palais / Grand Palais. It’s all straight and a really nice walk so just enjoy it 🙂

12:30 – First meal in Paris: Ladurée. I always go past their store in Covent Garden, but I had actually never tried macaroons before. It had to be in Paris. There’s a brunch menu which is €40 which is MASSIVE. The waitress told us it was only for one but it was waaaay to much for one of us so instead, we shared it. It comes with an avocado, egg and salmon toast, lots of breads, pastries, yogurt, fruits… and an orange juice and hot chocolate. We asked for another juice and hot chocolate so we could both have one each and it was another €10 which is kind of a lot 😂 but the total bill was €25 each and we were sooo full we didn’t eat anything else until the next day, so it was actually a really cheap day 😜

14:00 – Headed to the Arc de Triomphe and obviously took some very tumblr photos there. There’s even a large queue in the middle of the street to take them! haha This was a quick stop so we headed down through one of the streets to see the Eiffel Tower.

14:30 – Got to the Eiffel Tower, took some photos, loved the city and also went to both gardens next to the tower and spent some time around it. Cause… if you go to Paris and you don’t visit the Tour Eiffel… have you really been to Paris? The Jardins du Champs de Mars are beautiful and you get a nice shot of the tower, but the one that’s really impressive is the view from the Jardins du Trocadero, on the other side of the river opposite the Eiffel Tower. If you go up the stairs to the Palais de Chaillot, the view from there is amazing. I also read that the view from the Montparnasse tower is incredible and free from the bar on the 56th floor, but it was cloudy that day so we just went back home up the river.

16:00 – We were really, really tired so our first day ended here, on our way to the hotel and sleeping until the next day!


08:30 – Wake up and get ready for the second day. We stayed in a bit longer 🙂

09:30 – Arrived at the Musée d’Orsay. There was an exhibition on Degas’ ballerinas so we saw that too. This museum is also very nice and has lots of Monets and Van Goghs among others, so you should check it our too.

11:30 – We left the museum and walked down the south side of the river to the Ile de la Cité. This side of the river, there are lots of book and art stands which make it lovely. The Musée de la Monnaie (which we didn’t visit) is also here. The bridge that had all the love locks on it had to have them all taken down so there’s now a whole square surrounded with them; it’s the one with the equestrian sculpture of Henry IV. Lovers, this one’s for you ❤️.

12:30 – By this time we were already in Notre Dame but it was really cold, so we just had a quick look and looked for some place where to eat. If you get to the 5th Arr. below the Ile de la Cité, there are lots of places where to eat. We personally preferred having French food during our trip and Blanca was really craving some cheese so we had a really French meal at La Luge (raclette, fondue and foie gras). In case you want to try these, the treat was wonderful, the food was delicious and it was the same price as the day before, €25 per person. Once we were warm again we returned to Notre Dame.

15:00 – I think Notre Dame and the Sainte Chapelle are two things you don’t really expect them to be that amazing inside. We weren’t planning to go inside every single building, but after seeing this, we just had too. How could people make this so many years ago? It’s mind-blowing. We didn’t pay to get inside any buildings because of the EEA 18-25 thing, so you should really take advantage of it and go inside all these places if you can! Notre Dame and the Sainte Chapelle (remember to go up the stairs for this second one) are definitely a must.

16:30 – We met a friend who was there for the weekend too in Place des Vosges, and had a coffee around Le Marais. It’s a beautiful place so you should definitely check it.

18:00 – Most museums in Paris close early -about 6pm-, but the Centre Georges Pompidou is open until 9:30pm so it was the perfect end for the day. Its lots of fun and there’s even a sculpture where you can get actually inside, but I think if you have time, you should go during the morning. We were really tired by that time and the last floor only got a quick view from us as we really wanted to leave and go to sleep 😂

20:30 – We were really hungry and craving some crepes but couldn’t find any creperies around the are so we asked some Spanish girls we casually found there and they sent us to Chez Suzette, a 15 minute walk. Turns out, when we got there, it was the same creperie we had gone past at lunch time, and whom we have told we would come back later! Destiny. We had a Nutella and strawberry crepe -basic- and a butter and sugar one which might sound weird but trust me, it’s 50x better than the Nutella one! Oh my god, it was the great discovery of the trip! We then went back to the Hotel to watch Moulin Rouge, but I fell asleep so I still don’t know what it’s about 🤦🏽‍♀️


08:00 – Last day in this lovely city… We packed all our stuff, checked out and left the suitcases in the hotel ready to pick up in the evening.

09:30 – We had a pretty chilled plan for the day so we started having breakfast at Le Hibou, in Odéon. It wasn’t cheap nor expensive, just a normal breakfast in a cute spot. Again, pain au chocolat, my energy booster in Paris 😃 We then walked down to the Jardins du Luxembourg and then up to the Pantheón. They’re both beautiful, especially the Pantheón. Turns out there’s some stairs you can walk down that take you to a huuuuuge space where some very important people like Pierre and Marie Curie are buried! This was incredible. Also, when you come out of the Pantheón you can see the Place de la Sorbonne too.

13:00 – Our next stop was the Palais Real. The gardens there are beautiful and have lots of cute shops around them. Heading up from here, we also visited the Place Vendome (where there were looooads of paparazzis as it was Haute Couture week) and then went to the Opera de Garnier. We didn’t go inside the Opera as we couldn’t find the entrance, but apparently it’s very impressive! Also, just in front of it are the Lafayette Galeries, like a huge Harrods but so, so, so beautiful it’s like being inside Notre Dame… you HAVE to visit them.

14:30 – Our last stop of the day was Montmartre. We started at Le Moulin Rouge, which isn’t really amazing, but you have to go, and then went up to the Sacre Coeur. I have to say that the view from there and the artists and the guy singing ‘haleluya’… it all almost made us cry. Just for being there with someone that’s so important in your life and having such an amazing time together… I think the only word that really describes that is grateful.

16:00 – We had lunch at La Bohème du Tertre, in Place du Tertre. There was a really nice man sitting next to us that said he could draw us both so we accepted and bought two drawings. They came out beautiful and it’s something we’ll have with us forever 😙 His name is Teodoro and you can see him on the video, so if you every go to Montmartre, tell him we said hi!

18:00 – Our train was at 21:00 and our hotel was only 15 minutes away from Gare du Nord station, so we walked down Montmartre to the hotel, picked up our stuff and went back home, despite our desire of staying in Paris forever.

So if any of you are going to Paris or want to go any time soon, this is your definite guide. I hope you enjoy it and I really hope I can go back soon and post a spring or summer one! There’s also a highlighted story on my Instagram profile (@luceslusia) with all the places and locations we visited so don’t forget to check that! I’m gonna leave it there for long 😉  Hope you liked it and I’ll see you on the next post, I love u❤️.

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