15 sweaters and jumpers you need this winter

15 sweaters and jumpers you need this winter

Sweaters and jumpers are my favourite part of the winter (apart form Christmas, which is always number 1). I swear I can keep on buying them and even have some that are almost the same but they will never be enough. I tend to buy them in grey, I don’t know why my mind keeps driving me to that colour, but I’m trying to get some new colours this season 😊 So that’s why I’ve made this selection: cause I know all of us love sweaters, can’t wait to wear them (this goes to my canary people… hahaha) and better get started soon or they will be all gone!

Sweater 1 here / Sweater 2 here / Sweater 3 here / Sweater 4 here

I’m gonna start with the obvious ones, the grey ones I told you I love. Laces, bows and tie-ups are a thing right now and most of the sweaters feature this, which I personally find really cute. I feel like it gives you a different look, especially on grey sweaters which are quite dull… although they’re the best combined with red lips 😜

Sweater 5 here / Sweater 6 here / Sweater 7 here

Then red sweaters, which obviously look way better with red lips too! My favourite one is the one on the right, I really want to get a sweater dress this winter… and it will probably be this one 😏 The best thing about this colour is that you can wear it with literally anything, it’s as wearable as black or white.

Sweater 8 here / Sweater 9 here / Sweater 10 here / Sweater 11 here

Earth colour ones for the basics, for cosy Sundays and really living the autumn look, not quite getting into winter though… hahaha I love wearing these with dar denim jeans and white trainers, which I basically wear all the time, but they look better with these kind of sweaters on 😙

Sweater 12 here / Sweater 13 here / Sweater 14 here

I might have said a few times that the previous ones were my favourite, but truth is, my favourite colour is colourful, especially in winter. I love wearing yellow or blue coats, and with sweaters too. Since I moved to London, which is quite grey, colour is my best shot. Anyone else that feels me?

All of these are under $40 and will make your wardrobe the perfect destination this winter. Any reasons not tu buy them all? ❤️

Lots of kisses and will see you on next post! I love u❤️.

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